Green gradient silk drawstring pouch

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These lined drawstring pouches are ideal for gathering rocks, holding dice, or whatever else you might want to put in a cute pouch. They close up tight and will not let anything escape: a flat bottom makes them very stable when filled. The ribbon peeks out at the back, allowing you to hang the pouch from a hook.

The outer fabric is all silk, handwoven in a diamond twill pattern with hand-dyed green gradient yarn. The lining is stonewashed linen fabric: that means it's literally been washed with volcanic rocks, making it very soft and lovely to the touch. (Do not wash your pouch with rocks again, though)

Dimensions: 11cm wide when squished flat, about 7cm wide otherwise, 14cm tall. Snugly fits an average human hand but will not work as a glove, sorry.

- 500SEK is about 50USD.
- These pouches are sold individually, not as a set.
- Volcanic rocks not included.
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