Loom waste tassels

120,00kr SEK

"Loom waste", also called "thrums", is the part of the warp that goes unused at the end of a project. It has to be there, otherwise things don't work, but one some loom that is easily a full meter of warp yarn going unused. However, on my specific loom, it makes a whole lot of tidy bundles that can easily be turned into tassels. So that's what I did.
While calling this "zero waste" would be inaccurate, because some bits did get cut off, those products are an effort to reduce how much gets thrown away and to create affordable designs out of expensive material.

All of those tassels are handmade from leftover silk loom waste: expect irregularities and quirks. Except for the white ones, they are remainders of hand-dyed warps. They are sold in sets of several, because shipping a single tassel feels a bit silly. All the yellow and red bundles are from the same dye lot and match in colors. Tassels in a bundle are matched in size as much as possible.

- Brown, Yellow, Red: about 6cm + loop (just over 2 inches);
- Yellow, odds: various lengths and thicknesses, between 5.5 and 6.5cm;
- White: 6, 7 and 8cm plus loop, extra chonky;
- Rainbow: various lengths, mostly between 5 and 6cm;

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