Pride buttons V1

100,00kr SEK - 120,00kr SEK

These pride buttons are made of handwoven silk fabric, with bright hand-dyed colors and a complex diamond twill pattern. Silk is expensive, but a small bit of it fits in the button maker and is affordable!

They're all standard size, 37mm (1.4in). Several backings are available: pinback or magnet.
The colors refer to the weft then the warp. For instance, "black on white" is black around the flag and white for the pattern lines. See the 4th image for details.

- These are the first batch of silk buttons. They're a bit cheaper than V2 as a result.
- 100SEK is about 10USD, 120SEK about 12USD.
- If you're located in the EU, 25% VAT will be added during checkout.
- Select Tracked or Untracked shipping at checkout, and the total price will be calculated automatically.