Queer flag washcloth

850,00kr SEK

A handwoven square-ish washcloth in pure white linen, with a bright stripe in the colors of a Pride flag. Because we're here, we're queer, and we're not letting the conservatives have traditional crafts.

These washclothes are handwoven at about 20 threads per centimeter in 16/1 linen from Växbolin, making them a very fine fabric that will hold for years of daily use. They're 28x28 centimeters after washing, with reinforced shuttle selveges and machine-sewn hems, plus a hanging loopy. They've been washed and pressed and are ready to use: no need to break your brain figuring out the Critical First Wash!

If you're wondering "What the hell is a washcloth?", you're not alone. It's a smaller towel that can be used for many things: scrubbing, washing your face, who knows. Swedish would call those "disktrasor", and argue that you should first use them for cleaning, then for your face once they've softened with use. They'll absorb water superbly no matter what.

Linen gets softer with successive washings and prolonged use. For the best results, machine wash at 60 degrees celsius without spinning, do not tumble dry, iron and press carefully once dry. You'll get care instructions with your washcloth.

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